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Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast


The Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast was formed by people who had a strong emphasis on youth and this remains a strong focus.

We are unique because we meet at 6.45 am for our meetings. This allows members who do not have time in the evenings to serve their community

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The club has approved the Lion Clim as an official club project.

We are very pleased that you Hector (son of our member Raechel Gleeson) has decided to take on this project.

Hector spoke to the club about his idea. He told us that he is 7 years old and in Grade 2.

He and another Cub, Morrison, from the Lions Club of Werribee are going to climb to the Pinnacle at Halls Gap in the Grampians during te September school holidays.

He said they are calling it the "Lions Cub Climb"

Their aim is to raise funds for the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation. They want to raise $3,000 towards this wonderful cause. 

The walk and climb is 11 kilometres in length from the car park at Halls Gap up to the Pinnacle and back via another track.

Hector advised that this is his first fund raising event that he has conducted and asked if our Club would be prepared to adopt it as a Club Project. He told us that he had already accumulated $725 in fundraising donations.

The Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast is fully supporting Hector and Morrison and encourages all Lions and the general public to donate to the cause. We commend this project to all Lions. What a great way to encourage possible future Lions to get involved!

There are links to the Fundraising page and Facebook page below.





Fundraising Page: https://www.mycause.com.au/page/127034/lion-cub-climb

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LionCubClimb/



Congratulations Big Ideas Awards Winners

Yesterday we welcomed entrepreneurial high school students from across the region to The Gordon Gallery to announce the 12 teams awarded $300 each along with a unique 3D printed trophy for their Big Ideas in the 2016 Upstart Challenge.

The club is involved with Upstart. To read the full article and see who won the awards, click on this link:-














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