District 201V2, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast

The Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast was formed by people who had a strong emphasis on youth and this remains the strong focus.

We are unique because we meet at 6.45 am for our meetings. This allows members who do not have time in the evenings to serve their community

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NEWS!! We have news!


Our District Governor, Phillip Johnston, inducted four new members into our club during his official visit on December 16.

Inducted were Alan Charty, Ed Farnsworth, Leonie Saundry and Jenny Vandersteen.

We welcome them to our club and look forward to having loads of fun and working with them within our community.

See the phot above for the handsome group :-)



When the District Governor visits a club, there is the opportunity for the club to nominate a member of the community, Lion or otherwise, to be presented with the Alan J Holding award for outstanding community service.

This year, the award was presented to Leonie Saundry who worked clsely with the club during the work done with Hendry St Primary school. Leonie impressed teh club with her dedication and drive with this project and the other projects she has undertaken in the community.

We were also very pleased when she accpeted rthe invitation to join our club



This year our Club was able to encourage 5 schools to participate in the Peace Poster Competition. We are very indebted to the Principals and Teachers that encouraged the students to provide a poster.

Once again Belmont Primary School participated, and this year President Alan was able to persuade Geelong East Primary, Newcomb Park Primary, Ashby Primary and Bell Park North Primary to join in.

Lion Judy was able to convey our thanks and congratulations to students and teachers at each of the school assembly’s during the past couple of weeks when she presented all the place getters of each school with their gift vouchers and each of the winning student’s poster also received a Lions International Achievement Award Certificate. Thanks also to Lion Pete for coming along to a couple of the presentations, much appreciated.

The place getters for each school are as follows:


Belmont Primary:   1st - Jasmine Fergeus     2nd - Beth Jewell     3rd - Alex Rowe



Bell Park North Primary:   1st - Jai Diprose     2nd - Jemma Trickey     3rd - Angela Penc      



Newcomb Park Primary:   1st - Lily Cammaroto     2nd - Caca Sunarto  



Ashby Primary:   1st - Zavier McGill     2nd - Bridgette Filbay  



Geelong East Primary:   1st - Ben Gadd     2nd - Jorja Flaminiano 


Thanks to our members that have encouraged the Peace Poster Competition to continue and to allow the winning students to receive their gift vouchers, the students are thrilled and the teachers are very happy that the students receive the recognition they deserve. I am very hopeful that each of the schools that participated this year will continue to support the contest next year.





Jarrod (Nicole’s Brother)   Rachel-(Nicole’s Sister)   Pam - (Rob Lundie’s Sister)


Heather, Maureen, Howard and Cheryl attended the 2014 Lundie Award announcement at Peter Mac in Melbourne.  As in previous years we were made most welcome and they are so appreciative of us attending. 

The winner for 2014 is Sherly Mardiana and the runner up Elise Wallach.

This award is a great contribution towards encouraging our very best science students to embark on a career in cancer research.


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