District 201V2, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast

The Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast was formed by people who had a strong emphasis on youth and this remains the strong focus.

We are unique because we meet at 6.45 am for our meetings. This allows members who do not have time in the evenings to serve their community

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DG WAYNE OAKES VISIT - October 6, 2015


Tuesday October 6 was the official visit to our club by District Governor Wayne Oakes and his wife, Lion Judy.

Wayne was welcomed by President Jan and gave a very different style of presentation which was appreciated by club members. Wayne's presentation was a "hands on" acivity in whic club members were put into small groups and asked to examine a coffee cup!! We were asked to pick all the design faults and report back. There were some amusing results. we were then asked to "design" the perfect cup. Again there were some interesting results.- including the bottomless cup, one that would automatically float up to the drinkers mouth (energy saving device) and some references to having it connected to alcohol as well!!

Wayne's point was that we are all still capable of thinking "outside the box" and be imaginative. We should apply this to our club and especially to ways of ancouraging new members.

Question:- What was our President so attacted by in the bleaches .........?




Five members of our club attended the recent Charter night for the LIons Club of Meredith. Those in attendance were ,Maureen, Raechel ,Helen, Pete and President Jan.

During the proceedings, Jan had the opportinuty to presen their new President Jarna with our bannerette.

 Jarna also thanked Geelong Breakfast for our Donation towards their Club.

We received a very warm welcome from all the incoming new Lions, it was great to see so many other Lions  clubs attending to support a new club.

They are very enthusiastic with ideas for a lot of community project in there future. 

We all had good night although, we all had a Foggy trip home (from the weather only, I hope - Editor)





Raechel attends the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute


In September, Lion Raechel attended the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI) in Auckland. ALLI provides an opportunity for Lions to come together for a three day interactive session of enhancing leadership skills.

The focus is on developing the skills of Lions to prepare them for greater leadership responsibilities at zone, region and district levels. The topics covered included: Developing extraordinary teams, leadership fundamentals, project  management, promoting Lionism, Lions Clubs International Programs and Resources; and Lions Clubs International Foundation.

Although a very full program – attending Lions also had some great fellowship time – with the celebration diner being not only a fun event but it also raised funds for NZ Camp Quality.




Youth Exchange - Myrthe Veen (The Netherlands)


Our club had the delight to host a wonderful young lady from The Netherlands for 3 weeks. Mythe Veen, stayed with Secretary Judy for 3 weeks in July. She was with her for 2 weeks, then Myrthe attended Camp Koala nd then she returned to Judy for a further week. 

We are indebted to Judy for the time and effort she put into hosting Myrthe for the 3 weeks as she was originally only scheduled to do this for 2 weeks.

During her stay here othe members assisted in taking Mythe on trips and activities. 

VP3 Lion Paul Austin and his wife Jeanette showed Myrthe the beauty of the Otways during her stay in Geelong.  They visited the Otway Fly then lunched at a delightful café at Lavers Hill.  Unlike the Otways in winter where the rain tumbles and trees drip, it was a glorious sunny day! The highlight of the tour was seeing koalas, kangaroos and kookaburras all in the one scene on the Cape Otway Road….a simply marvellous experience that not many of us have experienced.  They returned along the majestic Great Ocean Road enjoying the rugged scenery Lorne, Aireys Inlet and Anglesea.

VP3 Lion Paul Austin and Secretary Lion Judy McDonald provided a day of adventure for Myrthe with a visit to the high ropes course at Glen Harrow Park at Belgrave in the Dandenongs.  This is located immediately beside Puffing Billy and on their arrival, they were treated to a full length Puffing Billy heading off into the misty rainforest.  Lion Paul & Myrthe donned the harness and after a safety training session, embarked on what is called the Red Course, an intermediate course of high cables, flying foxes, climbing nets and balancing beams.  They needed to complete this before tackling the Black Course….the hardest.  Successfully completing the Red Course, they tackled the short Black Course (running out of time to do the full Black Course) and had a ball desperately hanging on for dear life and balancing their way across the cables dodging all sorts of obstacles….oh and 15 metres above the forest floor mind you…….and mostly giggling their way around the course, with Lion Judy also chuckling watching the 2 daredevils well above her groaning and moaning.  They finished off with a lovely picnic at One Treet Hill picninc ground compliments of Lion Judy……a great day by all.

Again, thank you to Judy, Paul and Jeanette for their efforts


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