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Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast

The Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast was formed by people who had a strong emphasis on youth and this remains the strong focus.

We are unique because we meet at 6.45 am for our meetings. This allows members who do not have time in the evenings to serve their community

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The Peace Poster is a competition run all around the world by Lions Clubs International.

Our club has participated in the Quest for a number of years now, thanks to the efforts of Judy McDonald.

Once again in 2013 we received entries from our participating schools. Judy's report:-


This year our Club was able to encourage 5 schools to participate in the Peace Poster Competition. We are very indebted to the Principals and Teachers that encouraged the students to provide a poster.

Belmont Primary School have been involved for a number of years, whereas the Northern Bay College Campuses have only come on board this past 2 years, due to the relationship that Lion Pete has built at the NBC Hendy Street Campus.

Lion President Cheryl was able to convey our thanks and congratulations to students and teachers at the Northern Bay College Campus’s school assembly’s during the past couple of weeks when she presented the 3 winning place getters of each campus with their gift vouchers and books , and Lion Paul Austin did the same at Belmont Primary School last Monday. We were very fortunate to meet the incoming Principal of Belmont Primary School at that schools assembly (David Houghton) and he seems quite happy to have a chat about the competition next year once the new theme is announced.

There will be quite a change at Northern Bay College Campus’s next year as both the teachers that were so involved this year will be moving on to different Campus’s and students of different ages to what the criteria of the competition allows, so we will have to build new relationships with the incoming staff.

The winning 3 place getters for each school are as follows:

School                           1st place                             2nd place                            3rd place

Belmont Primary             

                                  Tyler Wilson                       Chhillar Vineet                  Danielle Twyford

Northern Bay College

  Hendy St                 Taylah Simpson                 Luke Wallace                      Nyamuoch Ruach

  Tallis St                   James Cadungog              Chloe Chinn                        Moesha Lopez

  Vermont Ave           Bwe Le Htoo Wah            Hannah Parry                     Khin Khin Sumon

  Peacock Ave           Emmy Beggs                      Jayden Trajcevski             Cooper Henhenett

Thanks to our members that have encouraged the Peace Poster Competition to continue and to allow the winning students to receive their gift vouchers and books, the students are thrilled and the teachers are very happy that the students receive the recognition they deserve.

Belmont pic   Belmont winner

Winner - Belmont

Hendy pic.Hendy1

Winner - Hendy St

Peacock pic.Peacock1

Winner - Peacock St

Tallis pic

Winner - Tallis St

Vermont pic..Vermont1

Winner - Vermont St




Once again this year the young people in Prep grades at Belmont Primary school wrote their letter to Santa.

We were able to reply to each letter and assure the young people that Santa had taken note of their requests and would see what he could do for them.

In all we had about 40 letters and replies.

This is a good "warm and fuzzy" project to do near Christmas and we thank our former member Lions lady Chris Miles for her work on this project.





Once again we made a substantial contribution to Newcomb Secondary College with the scholarship awards presented at their annual Presentation Night.

These awards are decided by the school were presented on stage by President Cheryl and Lion Howard.

We have a long association with Newcomb dating back to the time of the chartering of our club in 2001.


This is another really easy project with a good outcome. This year 12 young students from Newcomb Secondary College were presented with this award at the Presentation Night.

The young people complete 50 hours of community service to receive a Silver Award and over 100 hours of service is rewarded with a Gold Award.

These awards are signed by the International President of  Lions Clubs International and there is an accompanying letter of congratulations.

It is a great way to encourage all students at the school to be involved in volunteerism and be recognised for what they do.




Once again we awarded this prestigious award in conjunction with the Peter Mac Research Institute.

This is a wonderful project that encourages the most highly talented young people to embark on a career of research into cancer cure and prevention.

For more details please go to the Nicole Lundie Award link under "Projects"

Nicole Lundie award

Caroline Owen (Peter Mac), 2013 winner Nicole Milenkovski, highly commended Natasha Sosnin and Daniel Buckley, President Cheryl and Rob Lundie



Our District Governor, Stewart Pyers, visited the club on December 3.

Stewart told us the latest happenings in the Lions world and also inducted our latest member, Col Sturgess.

We welcome Col into the club and we hope - and are sure - he will enjoy being part of our club.

Col 1

Stewart Pyers, Col Sturgess and Alan Davis (sponsor)




Lion Pearl brought a visitor, Dee, from Sth Africa to our meeting. It was good to hear of the different projects and events that she has been in volved in with her club.

Sth Africa

Lion Jan presenting our bannerette to Dee

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