District 201V2, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast

The Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast was formed by people who had a strong emphasis on youth and this remains the strong focus.

We are unique because we meet at 6.45 am for our meetings. This allows members who do not have time in the evenings to serve their community

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One for the Tail Twister  I think ..... :-)

Our Club's BBQ at Wallington Mitre10 on Easter Sunday yeilded a profit of $402.65

After a slow start it picked up for a "late lunch" rush.

Thank 's to Adrian [tow], & Judy both worked all day.

Pearl for a few hours,retired hurt after Pete headbutted her with the table, hope you are feeling ok Pearl.

Kevin worked the am shift.

Volunteer Sahil, pm shift, till required for work [someone called in ill]

All in all not to bad a day.



The Region Final of Youth of the Year was held on Sunday 23rd March 2014.

There were four students:

  1. Quinn Marsh-Trombelli [Geelong High School] representing Geelong Breakfast
  2. Rachel Howard [Geelong College] representing Leopold
  3. Grace McCann [Kardinia International College] representing Corio Bay
  4. Lena De Rosso [Christian College] representing Torquay

A small but enthusiastic crowd witnessed a great display of public speaking and answering the impromptu questions.

Lions Breakfast were represented by Judy & Pete.Lorna just made it.A sumptuous afternoon tea was provided.


Attached photo: The four students plus the 3 judges and Sharon Huktqvist [holding the certificate] who is a teacher at Geelong High School.

Rachel [the winner overall & public speaking] is to the immediate right of Sharon.


Quinn acquitted himself well and improved each time.His 5 min speech was outstanding.

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